Friday, July 03, 2015

Sewing 101

Audrey asked her mom if she could learn how to sew this summer and so her mom asked me if I could help out since she doesn't know how to sew. Since Liv has been asking me to use the sewing machine lately too, I though we could make a day of it after gymnastics and learn to make a baby doll quilt. I asked Amanda to help and bring her machine, but when her boys heard what we were doing, they didn't want to be left out, so we all learned how to sew! Well some basics anyway!
 Nicole was the baby wrangler sometimes holding Haven and Henry at the same time but of course I didn't get a pic of this! 
We went over parts of the machine, sewing and iron safety, and then put our pieces together using scraps we had (and of course stopped every few minutes to calm or feed a crying child). By the end of the afternoon though we had 5 little quilts made!
Silly photo!!


GmaakaMom said...

Katie, you are amazing. Olivia and Haven are 2lucky little girls.

kmom said...

I am so very, very impressed. You, Amanda, and Nicole are so brave. Great results!

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