Saturday, July 04, 2015

Summer Fun with Friends

Liv has been slowly processing the fact that Noah is moving in a few weeks. When the house sold we did have one last swim there, but she still didn't get that we couldn't go back there once new people moved in. 
"He won't LIVE there anymore mom but we can still SWIM there."
"No that's not how it works, Liv."
"Yes it is. I know. We can still swim just not go in the house."
Change is hard.
Luckily Amanda has a neighborhood pool that we chill in on the hot days!
Haven did go for her first dip in the pool but by now she knows the's better just to sleep in the shade when it gets hot!
 Christy came to visit her family from Michigan and we managed to round up some of our old playgroup buddies for an afternoon at our house. All the babies were on the floor in the playroom and I'm kicking myself that I didn't even get a shot of playgroup 2.0!
The "silly shot" doesn't look much different to me :)
Haven literally fell asleep on her playmat while all the crazies ran around!
Occasionally we moms have fun without our children. We sent the older kids to Memorial Road's awesome VBS one week and us mommy friends got brunch at Cafe Cacao...delicious!!
(Haven is hiding in her carseat but she was there!)


AM said...

Yay! Glad you got to go to cafe kacao!! So good! :)

kmom said...

Sweet, sweet picture of Haven sucking her thumb.

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