Friday, July 24, 2015

The Fairy Godmother descends on OKC

I still haven't gotten to editing all the Oregon photos yet, but until I do, here are some pics of the wonderful times we had with Erin this weekend. It had been a super long time since our last visit. She's gotten married since then, moved to New Jersey, and I've had another child for her to be a fairy godmother to! She's a teacher in NYC now so summer break is a good time to visit!
This was one of her longest visits but we've done so many things in OKC she was happy to just hang out and eat home cooked meals and play with her fairy god children. So we did a lot of that. We managed to get some life discussions in there amongst playing rounds of Old Maid and Funky Fingernails.
Erin got Haven to laugh a few times while she was here!
We also checked out the Sunday night concert, went to the science museum, fed ducks after the Harkins Monday movie, and she got to see Liv in action at gymnastics...which was cool because Erin was a pretty serious gymnast back in the day.
These ducks were pretty hilarious looking! 
We did indulge in some Shimmers and Braums for desserts but we mostly ate at home. Before heading to the airport though we met Jenna at Waffle Champion. I've been wanting to go and it did not disappoint! Sooo yummy!
And in true Erin fashion she begged us to leave her alone with her girls so we could take advatage of her Mary Poppins like nanny skills and go on a date. She didn't have to beg though...we pretty much threw the baby at her and said see ya later! We weren't gone long though as our expectations were met when Haven did NOT want anything to do with a bottle! Erin worked her magic though to keep her happy til we got home. 
There were many tears at the airport when we said farewell. Not just from me. Liv cried her little 5 yr old heart out and in true Liv fashion yelled out the window....don't forget to send me gum! Less than 24 hours later Erin sent me this pic....
A fairy godmother doesn't forget!

 I love this pic of Erin and me from kindergarten. 
Liv is about to enter kindergarten and it makes me wonder if any of her sweet little friends will still be as close to her when she is 32. If not that is ok, but I pray she has a bosom buddy that she can count on and love through life's ups and downs like Erin. Friends are one of God's greatest blessings and I'm so blessed to have her in my life!
Thanks for visiting us!

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kmom said...

Super blog! Those ducks look like Donald Trump!

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