Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Perks of Blogging

Whoops! Sometimes you mean to post something and then you find it sitting in your drafts from way back in April?? I'm still contributing to the OKC Mom's Blog and every now all the writers get together for a meeting and on this occasion free things!! We were treated to a delicious meal from Tropical Smoothie Cafe and then received a beach bag full of local goodies. I had my hands full with Haven at the time (this was still during her witching hour evening phase) so my social media game wasn't exactly #onfleek that evening, but I've loved my products! Our Venture pass has definitely been getting a lot of use which I will post more pics of soon!
Look at all of these talented bloggers!
This was about the only shot of the products I could get for social media! It looks like Haven is missing a leg!
Here are my latest posts over at OKCMB...I did post one anonymously awhile back...think you can find it???


kmom said...

That is a lot of bloggers which help make the blog interesting and varied.

kmom said...

The blog on bras was very well written. I might want to check out that store when I am in OKC. Maybe there is one in Memphis or Nashville.

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