Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday

About a year ago in July, Liv and her friends were about to start school for the first time. I thought I'd ask them a few questions for memories sake...then I promptly forgot about it until I found an incomplete draft in my folders. Here are Liv, Noah, and Elle as interviewed by me in July of 2014....
(You might want to open it in youtube because the blog parameters cut off the right side of the video)

These two haven't changed too much in a year's time! I might have to do this again before they start kindergarten!

I needed some feedback on home renovations but I don't think I will take Liv and Elle's advice


kmom said...

I like to play with play-doh with Olivia. Outside with Olivia, I like to play ball or frisbe. She is great at throwing and catching. The past couple of times I've been to your house, I've seen gold paint samples on your microwave and wondered where you were thinking of using them. Grammy

dshrock said...

These were great! Love listening to what's going on in their minds!

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