Sunday, July 12, 2015

TV Review

I don't know if you heard but back in February I had a baby. I've blogged about her a little bit and shared a few pics so you might have clued in. Newborns require lots of feeding and cuddling so in those first few weeks I accomplished a lot of TV watching. Ryan and I even found some new shows to enjoy together which is always an amazing discovery! I thought I'd share some of those shows with you in case you find yourself with a lot of down time in the near future!

Friends. Unless you are an alien or were born yesterday then I know you've already heard of this show. I'd seen episodes here and there throughout my life, but never ALL of them and never in correct order. When Netflix released all 10 seasons I knew I wanted to save them for the early newborn days and I think I finished all 10 seasons in her first 10 weeks! I loved this show and all of its characters with their 90's fashion trends. Sidenote...that studio always seemed to be very cold if you know what I mean.

How I Met Your Mother. I started watching this awhile ago and lost interest, but now that it is over and all episodes were on Netflix I finally finished the last few seasons and despite the negativity I heard about the ending, I liked it. Granted the last season was a bit weird since all the shows occurred on one day that ended up not mattering much in the grand scheme of things by the finale, but I don't want to give any spoiler alerts! It still made me laugh a lot. Sidenote: the girl he ends up with looks like my childhood friend Monique. Do you read this, Monique? Has anyone ever told you that?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Best comedy and best writing and of course it is because Tina Fey is behind it all. I need to rewatch these because there's only one season and it's so short and hilarious and I love Titus and the theme song is the best I've heard in a long time. It'll get in your head faster than Full House and Fresh Prince. Just watch it.

Last Man on Earth. I gotta hand it to Joe for recommending this one to us. It's another hilarious one! Ryan often compares watching the main character, Phil Miller, to watching Michael Scott in the first few seasons of The Office. You just cringe at his words and awkward choices, but he redeems himself as a likable character. Spoiler alert that's not really a spoiler...there are others left too!

Daredevil. The only one that's not a comedy. We just recently started this one and although Marvel comics aren't my usual forte, I am liking it. I gotta see where the story goes even though I have to cover my face during all the violent parts...and there are a lot! I can't think about comic characters and super heroes too much....I know it's fiction but there always seem to be some flaws to their super hero characteristics. Like they just beat up 20 people single handedly but then turn around and get hurt easily by something mundane, I can't overthink it or it'll drive me batty.

What are you binge watching?? I'm obviously not sitting around nursing a baby in the quiet solitude as much anymore, but Ryan and I do watch a show most evenings together these days.


Shannon said...

You forgot to watch Seinfeld :)

Shawn and Becky said...

With Cameron it was Gilmore Girls!! Watched every episode. It was great!

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