Thursday, July 09, 2015

Venture Pass Fun!

I mentioned getting a free Venture Pass for being a writer with OKCMB. I figured I'd be nice and get my kid one so I would have someone to join me at White Water Bay and Frontier City! Haven is still free so it was a pretty good deal! I wish they sold family passes, but since they don't and I never want to go on the weekends...because I assume it's even more crowded...Ryan just gets to see our pics! The first time we went to each of them was a cloudy/drizzly day so both parks were basically empty and it was awesome!
Normally you can't see the water for all the bodies, but not on a rainy day!
Haven stays in the shade with Lulu lots.
Can you find Liv in all this water??
I couldn't believe our kiddos were old enough for the big coasters! They can ride all of them except the ones that go upside down. I think Liv just needs to grow one more inch and she will be ready for those too! She loves all the rides and has the biggest grin on her face. I think I'd ride anything just to see the joy she gets from it! 
Adults have fun at Frontier City too...with large roosters on carousels
Poor Noah braves all the rides too but his expression is less joyous. He always looks terrified or like he's about to vomit when it's done but yet he goes back time and time again so he must enjoy it somewhere deep down inside!
The next time we went to both places it was sunny and warm so WWB was packed but Frontier City still was pretty tame with no lines so I prefer to go there since they also have a water playplace and I kind of hate crowds.
I haven't gone to either place with the kids by myself as I wouldn't be able to ride rides since there is no one to watch Haven, but I think Liv would play on the water part at Frontier City by herself and she could play on the kiddie coasters. It's always more fun with friends though! And Jenna is always down for an adventure with us!
We have yet to do the roller skating or ice skating with the Venture Pass but I'm sure we will eventually!


kmom said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun at those parks. Haven looks noncommittal, but at least she probably didn't cry or fuss.

kmom said...

That Venture Pass looks like a great deal, even if you never go skating, or Ryan might do that with Liv.

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