Tuesday, August 11, 2015

15 Minutes of Internet Fame

Last week was a bit tough. Liv started school, the Vasquez's moved, life happened, and then my post about School Supplies went viral and lemmetellya....several teachers did NOT find the sarcastic look at "who is taking care of our teachers" funny. 

They viewed my post as an attack on them and saw me as some whiny uppity suburban designer (they didn't read my profile very well) on my high horse that they felt they could personally attack which led to many mean spirited comments directed towards me....not at the system which I was questioning and pointing out is obviously flawed. I haven't done a tally, because I'm trying not to read them anymore and leaving it up to the editors...but there were also many kind comments and people trying to take my side, but often saying very rude things back to the original smack talkers. I do appreciate the people who did try to answer the questions I was asking in a nicer manner.

It's not a huge shocker. I mean if you read any post, watch any video, follow and facebook article, you can easily see the hate that's easily spread from a keyboard. I mean they thought I was spewing hate just because I pointed out the difference in school supplies over 25 years. By reflecting over this situation I have a few points to make on my personal blog.
  1. I did not choose to defend myself on the OKCMB because I don't know those people and whatever I said back to them could just as easily be misconstrued again causing further hatemail and "ain't nobody got time for that!" 
  2. Several things popped in my head that I could've retaliated with and some of them were quite funny but since my sense of humor was already misunderstood, I kept my mouth shut. Haters gonna hate.
  3. I am sorry if any of my teacher friends who are reading this took offense to it. I really did want to know answers about what is provided for you and sadly it seems no one provides anything including paper for teachers. This shocked me. I honestly didn't know that. I knew you spent a lot of your own money on your supplies but I thought at least copy paper was supplied!
  4. I will say here in my defense, in case anyone is unaware, that I bought all of my daughter's school supplies on her list, I bought extras, I also bought extras as needed last year throughout the year, and I will do so again this year. I volunteered my time in her classroom, in the school, and on field trips and I do so happily. I want to be an active involved parent in my child's class. I'm not sure how my post led so many people to believe I didn't do those things but rest assured I do!
  5. The backlash of this was a nice reminder of why I would never want my personal family blog to be that famous. While my skin is pretty thick, I don't think I could take comments bashing my husband or daughters which I know happens to every well known blogger out there.
  6. I write for pleasure. I write for fun. I write to get things off my chest. I write to make myself laugh. I write to reflect. I write for me. I know other people may enjoy it and I'm glad they do, but at the end of the day I write for me and if no one read this....I'd still do it! (But thanks for commenting and reading Mom and Mona!) Having said that, my writing for the OKC Mom's Blog is a little different and for a varied audience and I will take a more serious look at what I'm putting out there before publication from now on. That doesn't mean I'm gonna stop being sarcastic though!
  7. There's no such thing as bad publicity. While the hate mail poured in, the numbers kept going up, up, up on my pageviews and thanks to those haters, I feel a check coming on. Maybe I should use that money to buy supplies for Liv's teacher....
Now I just gotta work on my second post for the month...who should I aim to offend this time? Policemen, doctors, politicians, Christians? The options are really endless!!  (That was a joke guys, come on, can't we all just laugh?!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I thought your post was hilarious! I came home and told our principal all about it. I also told her how lucky our parents were to have us purchase their supplies ( we add $ 25 to their bill) When I told her how much you spent ( I had asked you while we were at your house) She was impressed.
The brand thing matters on a couple of things....there is nothing like Crayola....some of those other brands don't even leave the color on the paper when kids color....I'm not sure where it goes.
I could stand on a soapbox for Ticonderoga Pencils! They are quality. I used to give my kids a pencil collection all year long (Christmas pencil, zoo pencil, whatever the occasion may be. ) A couple of years ago I had to throw away many pencils that would not sharpen and 2 did not even have lead! Never happens with a Ticonderoga! Now I order them from factory or Amazon to get a little variety in color. I too use one of the bigger Ticonderoga pencils for a "resting " pencil.... when our hands get tired of writing. I confess it is a tricky way to use a pencil that just lasts longer.
Also, some scissors don't cut! Fiskars....they do.
I have a wish list of wipes, Ziplocks and tissue. Some years I get lots (like last year) some year I get almost none. Its ok. I am a long ways from the bathroom so wipes are great. Ziplocks have a hundred uses in the classroom.
The reams of paper amazed me! I can't imagine our parents having to supply paper. Especially now that so much curriculum is on black line masters. There are less and less Cirriculum being purchased. More things have to be copied.
In spite of being supplied with an amount of money for basics, I still end up spending ! I usually have $1000 in receipts for my tax returns.
Anyway, sorry some took offense. But that is how it goes these days, someone has to be offended,,,its the latest trend.
Don't let the turkeys get your down! Keep that great sense of humor. THANK YOU for being one of the parents that does extra, you have no idea how much you are appreciated!
Aunt Debby

PS....I particularly liked the part about selling the extra pencils to supplement salary......I make one third of what public school teachers do .....I just may do that. I think I had a box left last year.....12 X? I might get a diet coke:)

Jana + Ryan said...

Well... I typed a dozen different comments on that thread and ended up walking away in the end because nobody ever gets my humor and I know I would've made it worse. hahaha.

1. I really liked that post. I agreed with everything you said.
2. Teachers have it bad. NOBODY would ever disagree with that. I was so confused on how that post got turned into you hating on educators in ANY way.
3. My side is this - I was one of those kids that struggled to meet the supply list (even 15 years ago) & I really don't think it would've made me feel any better to have the community supplies. Having my own did exactly what you said it might, it made me appreciate every single thing I got to pick out and I took the best care I could of each thing and they lasted way longer. I was proud of what I had. Why would a 5 year old take care of a marker when there are 500 in the bin?

Michelle said...

I didn't think your post was mean either, I spent $113 for 2 kids on school supplies, I think it's crazy you have to buy the teachers paper, but it shows how horrible the funding is in OK for Education, I wonder what other states school supply list look like.

GmaakaMom said...

I missed all of the hullabaloo on the OKC Moms Blog. I read it and I think I even commented but it must have been pretty early on before the haters started their thing. You're right, haters gonna hate. Thanks for keeping up on your personal blog. You know how much your mom and I love it. You're a very talented writer and I hope that check is in the mail.

kmom said...

It can be extremely aggravating when someone takes what you write or say the wrong way and then counters in a seemingly inappropriate manner. It hurts. Love, Mom

AM said...

Ugh. Sorry girl!! People can be so crazy!

Shawn and Becky said...

Yowza!! Well the internet is a scary place. I am still shocked at the things people will say from behind a keyboard. And I'm not a teacher - but those seem like all VALID questions. We don't know, knowing where your money and supplies go is good. At Cameron's school they do a $25 fee. Takes the joy out of supply shopping - but I still head to target and pick him up a few things that are just his . . . although he can't really use them in the classroom. I remember the joy of picking out your own things and taking care of them. And my heart hurts for kids that don't have anything. Maybe here could be a happy medium? Each bring 1 for their own kids an extra for group share? I very very rarely comment on anything viral. No time for haters! And LOVE your blog!

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