Friday, August 07, 2015

Internet Cat Festival

We attended the most random festival in the city this weekend...I say that but it's because I've tried to block the fairy ball out of my mind. This was the second year for the Internet Cat Festival to come to OKC. It was the last weekend before school started and it was free so we thought "why not?!" We aren't huge cat fans, but we have seen them on the internet and they can do funny things. We visited some of the booths and saw our friend Brittany who was handing out these free awesome shades. 
We found a nice spot and some friends and got comfy while we waited for the show to begin. 
I was not the best of the best cat videos. I mean we all know that this is the best one...But we had some good clean family fun and Liv giggled lots so there's that!  She also liked balancing all the shades on her face. So talented. 
Haven couldn't have cared less, but she's too cool for lots of things. She's down for any place that has breastmilk on tap. 

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GmaakaMom said...

And again it looks like fun was had by all I beautiful OKC.

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