Saturday, August 08, 2015

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Last Thursday we got to meet Liv's new teacher at John Rex and take all of her school supplies with us. She seemed pretty confident and comfortable walking in the school. Her teacher seems nice but I could tell Liv was sad that she didn't get her teacher from last year who moved up to Kindergarten. We did go visit her though.
We practiced waking up earlier the week before. She asked me to make her a chart for things to check off every day. I let her pick out her clothes the night before and we read lots of back to school books.
Monday morning she awoke pretty easily and seemed to transition in "back to school mode" pretty easily. She ate breakfast while looking at her little gifts I got her. 
We took some pics of course! 
Her new Frozen light up back pack!
Makin' my girl laugh so I can get a real smile!
Then I drove her to school and dropped her off at the back door. Last year we weren't allowed to walk them in, but I guess we could have this year, since I didn't know this ahead of time it was for the best. There were no tears, she hugged me and jumped right out and into the school to start her Kindergarten year! 
Then I headed off to a boohoo brunch with some girlfriends! This house is ridiculously quiet without my spunky five year old! We will find our new groove and I'm sure she will find hers too! The week has gone pretty well but she's a little over going over all the rules and procedures. She's quick to give an eye roll and say "I already know all this stuff" spoken like a true Kindergartener!
It sure is fun to see how much difference a year makes!
(I'm glad she still aspires to be a mom!)


GmaakaMom said...

I love the way you put last year beside this year pictures. What a difference. Grandma loves that sweet girl.

kmom said...

I like the hearts on the checklist. According to the easel, it looks like she has grown about 3 inches since school started lasted year and the hair has certainly grown too.

Shawn and Becky said...

I've seen all these wonderful kids head off to school. Cameron doesn't start till mid-next week. It's crazy. So glad she loves school. Love the first day of school present!

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