Thursday, August 06, 2015

Newsletter: 5 Months

Dear Haven,
I've been reminded this month of the ever changing nature of babies. As soon as I get used to a routine or milestone, you go and switch things up! So this month we are finding a new groove in a lot of ways. Your sister has started going back to school and that has changed our daily routine. It sure is quiet in the house without her here and since it's just been one week I'm not quite sure what to do with all this time, but I sure do like being with you! I think we are both having a little Olivia withdrawals though so it's nice when it's time to pick her up too!
You've found your "loud voice" this month...which is the exact month your sister found hers. I know because I looked back at her newsletters! Your little soft cry now sounds more urgent and angry. You almost growl at times. Sometimes when you do it a look of shock come on your face like "did I just make that noise?!" 
I used to be able to lay you down on your play mat and you were happy to reach for all the little toys for a long time. Now you are a rolling maniac but when you roll to your tummy you often get angry right away. So I let you squawk a bit then roll you back over because you aren't as fluent in tummy-to-back rolling. By next month I'm sure you will be flopping back and forth on your own just fine. 
Happy until you roll.....
We finally set your crib up this month in your big sister's room. About the time we set it up though, you decided you could not be swaddled while you sleep. You prefer to have your arms out, but because of this you also started waking up once or twice a night. So you rarely stay in your crib all night because I bring you to my bed to nurse you. I'm sure as soon as I get used to it you'll change it up again so I won't read too much into it! But I will admit I liked it much better when you slept through the night! Maybe when we introduce foods that will help. I'm not ready for that though!
You like the crib but can still fall asleep anywhere....
We love your rolls but every now and then I catch a glimpse of that adorable chub and consider buying you a little baby training bra. Tee hee! It's pretty cute though! Despite those rolls you still managed to find your toes this month. They can't make it to your mouth but you like to grab them when you spot them!
The bumbo wasn't exactly working with your thighs. Sometimes you tolerate it for a little big while you legs hover over the opening but we got out the little booster high chair and you really like to sit in it and play with toys on the tray. You can't really sit up on your own yet, but the tray keeps you stable in an upright position. It's been nice to have you sit with us there for meals now too! You look so big sitting there though!
You had your first flight this month and we had a great time in Oregon with your cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. Your body rarely was on the floor or in the crib because you were held constantly. It's always fun to introduce a new baby to the family and I'm so glad you did well with the travel so we can easily make more of these memories in the future!

I confess this month that I was carrying you to the diaper table one day and just as I was about to lay you down you somehow wiggled out of my arms and fell with your face down on the corner of the table. You cut your gums pretty badly and they were bleeding and thankfully your daddy was home, because I was crying more than you. Once he calmed me down I was able to nurse you and assess the damage. It's the worst feeling in the world to know you hurt your baby, even if it's on accident. I'm glad I'm still the one who can calm you down even when it's my fault. I pray I will always be the type of mother you can come to to calm your fears or your nerves or whatever ails you. I pray I am your safe place and that you know how much I love you! 


GmaakaMom said...

How fast time flies. Haven, you are such a precious, beautiful little girl. I am so looking forward to watching you grow.

kmom said...

Yay, Haven! You look so big girl in that high chair. Luckily Daddy was home when you accidently got hurt in the mouth. Love, Grammy

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