Monday, August 31, 2015

Newsletter: 6 Months

Dear Haven,
Half a year! Six months have gone by in the blink of an eye my wee one. Speaking of eyes...yours are still blue! The pediatrician had told me if they were still blue at this point they'd most likely stay that way. They are a very pretty color that changes a bit depending on the light we are in. We had your well baby appointment today and you are in the 86% percentile for weight and height at 18 pounds and 27 inches. Your 9-12 months clothes seem to fit best.
You can roll both ways and push up on your arms when you are on your tummy. You can sit but only with support around you. We got an exersaucer from Reese this month that you like for a little bit. When we lay you on the floor you often hold yourself in a crunch for a long time which is just what your sister used to do! You definitely aren't as content for as long now and we have to change your position or scenery in between your naps. You do still enjoy being outside and that's usually the easiest fix if you are fussy.
You remind me of your aunt Amy's baby pics so much in these pics
The biggest change this month is that you randomly started taking a pacifier, but only in the few seconds before you fall asleep. I usually nurse you right before you naps and bedtime and as you are dozing off you will transfer easier into your crib if I can slip that paci in. You are waking about once a night but you go right back to sleep.
Baby's first jeans!
You are starting to have a little separation anxiety when I leave the room or leave you in Bible class. I usually get called to the nursery on Wednesday nights because you can't make it long without me that late in the evening. Daddy and I both smiled at this adorable pitiful face that was texted to me one night that just said "help momma!" I do love that you immediately calm down when in my arms.
One morning this month I was in the shower and Liv came running in telling me that your ear was full of blood. I figured she was exaggerating because you often scratch your ear or face with your tiny nails and cause little scabs of dried blood to form, but she insisted I come so I hurried to dry off and came to your crib. She was right. You were happy and smiling but your entire ear had a pool of blood in it. We got you and the sheets cleaned up but I've been trying to keep your nails shorter ever since!
I was tired of that yellow crusty cradle cap on your scalp so I went against everything I read and scrubbed it off. We shampooed your hair and I got a comb and just massaged your scalp with it. I figured I'd stop if you started fussing but you seemed to enjoy it so i kept at it until I didn't see anymore flakes in the teeth of the comb. It hasn't come back since!
Your hair is still so dark and beautiful and curly and the thing most people comment about. But even though I think all parts of you are gorgeous, it's your smile I like the most. You don't just smile with your mouth. You smile with your whole body. Your face lights up, your eyes squint, your shoulders raise, and your body squirms like you just can't contain the joy you have inside of you. Thanks for being the joy in my day my precious girl! I love you!
Love, Mama


kmom said...

I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with Haven.

GmaakaMom said...

Sweet Haven, you are so beautiful and so sweet natured. Grandma loves you very much.

Shawn and Becky said...

Such a cutie. Wish I could have met her. Next time!

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