Monday, August 03, 2015

Oregon Trail: Day at Camp

Church camp was always my most favorite place on earth. Ryan's church camp was just as special to him, but his might trump mine because it's in the mountains. Sorry Henderson...I think they have pine trees there as tall as Chester Co. is wide for example...
Also Ryan's grandparents used to work at camp so he probably spent more time at his than I did mine. Either way, Camp Yamhill is awesome and I'm so glad we got to take the kids there one day to play!
They had fun going on walks in the creek and swimming until it was swim time for the camp and then we moved up stream.
Typical Liv!
Ryan caught crawdads with his bare hands like some wild mountain man.
Haven was happy to hang out on a blanket or in someone's arms until she crashed next to the shore.

Carrie even got her to laugh without burping at her!
We took some pics on "Grandpa's bridge." I think he built lots of bridges there but this one was the last one he worked on so they dubbed it that.
While the older kids went on a hike the adults waited in ambush....
We had a great day and then came back and had a family dinner and took some pics while we were all together!
We are a good looking family!
Great grandma with her greats from Mona's family
Cousins on a swing
I think that is all of our Oregon pics! Now I just need to get caught up on Haven's newsletter...and Liv's first day of school which is today which is why I finally have time to blog!


kmom said...

I enjoy hearing my grandchildren laugh and seeing them in their experiences.

The Moores said...

That was a fun day! Camp is the best!

GmaakaMom said...

It really was a fun day. Miss you guys.

Shawn and Becky said...

I want to take the boys out to camp for a walk hike so bad! Looks like they loved it.

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