Thursday, August 13, 2015

Phone Dump - July '15

Liv has literally been trying to nurse Haven. I explained to her why that won't work but she kept trying for awhile. It was pretty cute. They have lots of cute sister moments. They often end in tears but they are cute while they last!
Liv and Elle at splash pad, Haven at the hotel, chubby Bumbo legs, "Aren't we sooo fashionable?"
Haven sleeping in odd places
The last of the summer days at Frontier City and White Water Bay ('s funner with friends!)

Haven finds her toes, Liv's good dental check up, Haircut and beard trim for's like he's a new man!, Haven in another adorable hand me down!


GmaakaMom said...

That is one great phone dump. Thanks for sharing.

kmom said...

That is so amusing about Liv trying to nurse Haven. She probably thinks she would at least latch on. I wonder Liv's reaction if Haven did latch on. (Not much to latch on to though.)

kmom said...

That reminds me of the time when Liv was about 18 months old and Ryan came home with a haircut and I think he also had shaved off his beard and mustache. He looked quite different and Liv wasn't sure who he was for awhile. She was quite intimidated when he picked her up and hugged her. Memories.

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