Sunday, August 16, 2015

Porch and Playroom Time

Two full weeks of school are in the books and while Haven and I have no rigid routine to our days so far, one thing we do make time for every morning is porch time before it gets too hot. She usually plays and I usually read. We swing and chat and let Charlie join us occasionally. One morning it even rained which was a welcome break from the heat! I think it's mandatory that all my houses from now on will have to have a nice covered porch!
 Then we retire to the playroom which is getting a lot of use since it's completion. It's probably the coolest room (as in degrees) thanks to the porch shaded windows and the nice fan.
She may not be a huge fan of tummy time but she seems to automatically roll there these days and then not know how to roll back!
She's really into the price is right wheel these days.


GmaakaMom said...

So glad youre loving your house. The only time we use our front porch is on parade day. Too noisy and busy. Maybe I should try hanging out there more. Maybe I would if I had a porch swing. Thank you for sharing the pics of that sweet baby girl.

kmom said...

Cute,cute Haven.

Shawn and Becky said...

I love some good outside porch play.

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