Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wooly Willy: Haven's turn

Hairstyles with Haven!
Remember when I did it to her sister?
Liv's were taken at 4 months and Haven is almost 6 months. I think it's clear that Liv had much more hair! But Haven's stays curly when it's dry whereas Liv's always straightened out once it was dry. Liv's stuck up in crazy directions but Haven's is pretty tame...for now!


GmaakaMom said...

Katie, you are hilarious. I'm gonna be giggling all day when I think about those pictures. Those are two of the most adorable kiddos ever. (And I'm not bias) Love you guys.

The Moores said...

I love this so much! You guys make such cute babies!

kmom said...

The right top picture for both of them look so similar with the face shape. Liv takes the cake with her dark brown bug eye look.

Anonymous said...

I love how Haven gave facial expressions along with the hairstyles. Liv didn't seem to mind so much; just laid back. Cute kids!

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