Monday, August 24, 2015

Zoo day

Even though school is back in session we can still have fun with friends, especially on early pick up days! Liv gets out at 2 on Wed. and it just so happened to be a rare 70 degree day in August so we headed to the zoo with friends!
Have you ever seen a goat's pupils up close?! CREEEEPY!
Noah was in town with Lulu so he got to join us too!
These kids had fun seeing animals but they've been to the zoo so much I think the most fun they had was on the playground there.
This was also Haven's first time at the zoo. She was pretty bored.
 She nursed and fell asleep, but I couldn't get her to stay asleep in the stroller so she was kinda cranky most of the time there. I feel our days of going out and about and her sleeping in the car seat or stroller are numbered.
Even the bear rightinfrontofher couldn't excite her.
Oh well I'm sure we will be back again soon with cooler temps sticking around!


GmaakaMom said...

I love the close up of sleeping beauty. I wanna pinch those sweet cheeks. I'll bet Olivia was happy to see Noah.

kmom said...

Maybe next time Haven will be excited to see the birds and animals.

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