Monday, September 14, 2015

Labor Day at the Pool

Aunt Sandy has a great "pool" that is one of those endless pools/hot tubs. You can turn the current on and it is surprisingly strong at it's highest level! 
We turned it full blast and let it jettison us over and over again! She likes to keep it warm so I preferred to only swim in it in the morning or night when it was cooler but Liv enjoyed it at all hours of the day! She got braver at jumping in by herself. 
She even swam laps without any floaties at all! She had the most fun though when Audrey came over to join her. They were fun to watch! 

 Haven chilled poolside mostly, but we got her in a few times. 
At night you can turn the lights on and they change all sorts of colors. This creepy green shot is about the best I could do at night time!
Thanks for letting us enjoy your spa Aunt Sandy!

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GmaakaMom said...

It was definitely more enjoyable when the weather cooled off a bit. That Olivia is a high flying fish.

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