Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day in Branson

Well we weren't really in Branson, we were outside of Branson. I just say Branson because no one knows where Kimberling City is but everyone knows where Branson is!
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Marvin recently sold their campground on Table Rock lake and moved to this beautiful home with a gorgeous view. (Great) Grandma and Marvin's dad live with them. They installed an elevator since both of them require walkers and wheelchairs to get most places and Liv used it every chance she got...despite the fact that the stairs were much quicker! Sadly I got no pics of all our time spent on the elevator!
Every room had a gorgeous view of the lake!
And we spent most of our days here shooting the breeze, watching TV, and they humored me while I asked Trivia Pursuit questions. The sisters played in the living room among the dogs. Charlie was not allowed out of our room though as she isn't friendly with all dogs.
We discovered Haven's love of aluminum cans. That's a safe baby toy right?
Liv played LOTS of ponies and beanie babies. She had a whole table set up with their imaginary home.
She also got some quality ipad time and Fred time.
This is Grandma's new dog, Reese's. Like the candy...not the Rhesus monkey.
Liv and Audrey got to catch up (it's been 2 years!) and Haven and Isla got to meet...I'm sure one day they can commiserate the woes of being little sisters!
Haven and Grandpa shared lots of cuddles
He shared her with Grandma occasionally
We had a great Sunday lunch with Hawaiian stack up and the whole family in Branson came over.
Haven's getting much better at sitting up!
She loved her bath in the sink!
We did venture in to Branson the day we left to ride the trolley, eat at Bob Evans with the extended family, and visit Aunt Teri's new shop.
The bumpy trolley rocked her to sleep
Ryan, Haven, Ted, Liz, Isla, Drew, Steve, Audrey, and Liv
Great Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Phil, Leigh (shouldn't we call her Aunt Leigh?), and Cherie
These two girls convinced their grandmas to buy them these ridiculous pirate monkeys. Thanks Grandmas for saying "yes" when mommy and daddy won't fork over the money!
Up next....Time in Aunt Sandy's pool!

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