Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet Colorful Ella!

We recently added a 6th member to our family. Meet Colorful Ella!!
Liv has been wanting a pet of her own and when I asked secret questions leading up to her birthday I gathered she wanted a fish or a dog. So that was easy to narrow down! We got her the bowl and equipment for a birthday gift and the next day Ryan and I took her to the store to pick out the rocks, decor, and fish! 
She debated for quite awhile as we walked around Wal-Mart on the name. The top contender I believe was Charmander Carmender, and I stressed that she needed to be able to remember it. 
Therefore she finally settled on Colorful Ella or just Ella for short. She said she named her after her friend Elle. (I didn't care to explain that her fish was a male) We have had her now for 2 weeks and she fits easily in with our family and decorates our kitchen table nicely!!

Fish are hard to photograph!
But she is an iridescent purple and orangish color!
Now who is up for fish sitting when we leave town?? I figure it'll be easier to find a fish sitter than a dog sitter!


GmaakaMom said...

Aw, just take her with ya. How much trouble can she be? I guess Charlie would get jealous though. You could make your next trip to Oregon a road trip and bring 'em both. (Yeah, right)

Shawn and Becky said...

She's (wait he?) is a pretty fish. We may have turned down the heat when we went away for a long weekend and found a little water frog floating. Just a little warning :)

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