Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Newsletter: 7 Months

Dear Haven,
Well, my sweet, I think if there was any doubt that you were a mama's girl this month has set that in stone. Don't get me wrong, you love your daddy too, but the time has come for mama's magic to work and be definitely known. You will still play happily by yourself, but more often than not if you see me leave the room or even your sight, you start the fussing. I know this is a normal part of development, but it tugs at my heart strings and makes the laundry pile up!
We're still having fun with you pretty curly hair, some days we rock a ponytail and I love how it looks like you have bangs!
You started going to Mother's Day Out twice a week this month at our church. You have 3 regular baby friends in your class. For the most part you just nap the whole time and as soon as you get fussy they call me to come feed you, so I'm never far. But it allows me to get some errands run, attend ladies Bible class, and freak out at the grocery store when I think AHH! I left Haven in the car! But then I remember...nope she's at Mother's Day Out! You've handled it pretty well I'd say and it sure is fun to see you sitting in the floor with your little friends!
You have got 2 bottom teeth that have poked through this month. One we had fair warning of. So. Much. Drool. And we could see where it was about to break through, then finally one day it was through and you seemed to be in a better mood! I thought we were good for awhile, but then one morning I looked and another one had popped through beside it overnight without any warning! That was a fast one!
Since you are sitting up better (but not without need of some cushioning around you) and teething I thought we might as well try some food out...not that you are hurting for any calories! We tried avacado for the first time on your sister's 6th birthday. You don't have the fine motor skills to bring it delicately to your mouth yet. So it was more about playing and mashing it and then eating your hands.
A few days later and the avacado game was pretty fun to you! 
And we learned it was easiest to not have any clothes on you so we could throw you in the sink bath right afterward!
Since then we have also had banana and put ice in your little mesh baggie for you to teeth on. Liv is very anxious to try to feed you with a spoon so we may try cereal or applesauce soon. No rush though...I do NOT like the change in diapers if you know what I mean!
You definitely know what is about to happen when it is time to nurse now. You start grinning and giggling and pulling at my shirt. You are also learning that it is NOT ok to bite mommy. I'm hoping we get that lesson down before anymore teeth pop through!
Even though you haven't mastered sitting you are getting much better at it. You are reaching and grabbing for things like crazy. You can flip and roll with faster speed and you can gain quite the distance by scooting backwards. This always seems to frustrate you though as you seem to want to move forward but always end up backing further away from whatever it is your want to reach!
Clothing is still optional for you most days because 1. Drool, drool, and more drool. 2. Diaper changes are easier. 3. WHY would I want to cover up those rolls?! Oh I love them so!!
I'll blame teething on your unpredictable sleep patterns this month. You still usually have two naps a day but they could range from 30 minutes to three hours. No rhyme or reason to it! And you can wake from 0-3 times a night too so I still find myself wanting to go to bed pretty early just in case...which cuts in to my blogging time and reading time so anytime you wanna go back to sleeping through the night I'm up for it!
A year ago this month we had just started telling people we were expecting another sweet baby. Most people were pretty shocked by this news so that made it even more fun to tell! Twelve months ago I was convinced you were a boy mainly because I had no morning sickness and was feeling great. Twelve months ago I wondered what you would look like and how you would fit in to our family that was anxious to meet you. So much changes in a year's time, but not the fact that we are so glad you are a part of our family. We all awake with smiles on our faces as soon as we see you because you bring such joy to each of our lives. We love you sweet Haven!


GmaakaMom said...

Grandma and Grandpa love you sweet girl. You're changing so fast and it makes me sad I'm not there to witness it and cuddle those cute rolls. Happy 7th Haven.

kmom said...

Picture one reminds me of Papa's face and hair in his baby pictures, especially the hair. Such a sweetie!

Shawn and Becky said...

Love. Those. Rolls.

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