Saturday, September 19, 2015

Palace Pet Birthday Party

For Liv's 6th birthday she requested a Palace Pet Princess party. There aren't really things in stores for a palace pet party....yet...I'm sure she'll set the Ryan made the invitations and we let Liv color them.
I do believe there is a cartoon about these Palace Pets although she's never seen it. All she has seen are the toys in the store. So we got her some of the little pets and I decorated a cake with them. I had no intentions of it being anything other than a plain cake with princesses and pets on it...but I let my imagination wander, and then I remembered pinning some turrets covered in icing to make a castle, and before I knew it I had a more elaborate cake than I intended!
For not thinking much of it through, the turrets didn't fall! Although there are toothpicks behind them! It was edible too and that's the most important part right?
 Liv was pleased so that was all that mattered!
And despite all the photos of the day, I sadly forgot to get one of the birthday girl with her parents! Or her grandparents!
 When the guests arrived we made our own palaces for little bunny pets made out of styrofoam plates and cups. 
 When naming off the guests to her party Liv really wanted to invite our neighbor Alice, and we were thrilled that she even came dressed up as a red hat princess!
The kids played with toys while we waited for everyone to finish their craft. Then we played some games.
 I highly recommend this donut game for your next party. It works for people of all ages! Just put donuts on a string and have them try to eat them without using their hands!
 Then we did a balloon race. Even Grammy participated! 
 And we played an animal charades type game, pictionary, and musical paws.
 We sang Happy Birthday and she successfully blew out the candles after a few tries! Then we ate food and opened gifts!
 Haven slept through the whole thing but woke up in time to swing with Jeri.
Another birthday in the books!

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GmaakaMom said...

Looks like it was great success. Good job Mommy. And hugs and kisses to my sweet Okie 6 year old.

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