Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Phone Dump -- August '15

Glasses baby, the last bar from my KIND cases, bubble blower, all my girls
Happy Haven in my bed, Jenna moved and we ate our feelings, my girls reading, my face when Celeste let me in on her neighbor's secret...she knows the exact date of the end of the world and I'm not telling you guys.
Nursery Bible class, asleep on daddy's arm, skyping with Noah, pretty girl
Daddy reading a Barbie advice book, Haven is sad, I got a horrible Supercuts haircut from a dude, the Seminole welcome wagon
tortillas are the creepiest after school snack, nursing in the church nursery, asleep beside me, porch time with Haven
Tummy time with Charlie
a happy squirmy baby
Spying on the bathing beauty


kmom said...

I like the picture of Olivia and Noah Skyping. Your hair looks fine.

Ryan and Katie said...

That's because I had to trim it myself when I got home

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