Friday, October 09, 2015

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Last Friday, Liv got in the car and handed me a strange necklace with a white locket of sorts on the end. "I lost a tooth at lunch mom! I lost a tooth!" She's been waiting for this day for about a year since her friends started losing their teeth. It's a right of passage, a sign your growing up, therefore a milestone I wanted to deny. She kept showing me her bottom tooth and telling me it was loose. But when she tried to wiggle it, I never saw it move so I thought it was her wishful thinking. Guess Mama was wrong! She said it came out at lunch time and she got the tooth necklace from the office to keep it safe in.
Luckily there was a craft night at church that night so I could sew a little felt pillow for the tooth and then convince her that I was pretty sure we could just hang the pillow with tooth inside on the door knob of her room. Noah (who was with us that weekend) did his best to persuade her that it HAD to be under the pillow, but thankfully in the end I won out by saying if she didn't come then the NEXT night we could put it under Liv's pillow. Amazingly, the next morning she had, in fact, placed a dollar in the pillow and taken the tooth!
I interrupt this post to write an open letter to parents....

Dear Parents,
Can we please agree on something. Can we please become a unified front in letting our children know that HOW MUCH money the tooth fairy brings is something not to share with their friends. Thanks!

Luckily Liv doesn't grasp the concept of money very well still because when she told all her friends about her dollar bill all she heard was "Well I got $20!" and then "My fairy brought me $5!" She seemed unphased but I was a bit disturbed after doing the math of the parents giving away 20 bucks per tooth! And I know they have multiple children too! Maybe their fairy is making their child save up for their own braces one day...ha!

Anyway I find it amusing that my baby daughter is getting her baby teeth at the same time my older daughter is losing hers. This also makes me want to cry!


GmaakaMom said...

I sent Olivia a present from our trip to the beach last weekend that should help all those teeth come out quick quick quick. Violet tried a piece and she lost a tooth she didn't even know was loose. (Salt water taffy). She'll want to be careful though because my first piece took out one of my crowns. Its really chewy.

kmom said...

A+ for Olivia's school office! Wow! They keep necklaces on hand to put teeth in that have fallen out. I am so impressed! I'm also super impressed with the little tooth pillow you made to hang on the doorknob. Great idea! (However, it is a bit sad that Olivia is growing up.)

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