Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Carnival

This year Liv's school stepped their Fall Carnival up a notch and we went to check it out. We also went to help set up which was nice because the kids got to play without as many lines and crowds and then we got to leave earlier! Noah just so happened to be spending the weekend with us on a visit so he got to catch up with some of his old buddies at John Rex. They had a lot of fun and the weather was absolutely perfect for an evening outside!
The fishing one was their favorite. They did this like a dozen times!
Liv's teacher was brave and participated in the dunk tank. Liv tried a few times to get her soaked and she even it the target once but it didn't dunk her. A few other kids did though so that was fun! Even their principal got dunked!
Liv and her classmate Libby look like they could be related I think!
I have no idea what he got painted on his face. I think it was supposed to be a rocket?
Such intense concentration!
This little girl was a trooper in the stroller all night. And then at some point we lost this stroller. How you lose a stroller I do not know, but this is the last time we saw it!
Thanks for putting on a great Fall Carnival John Rex PTA!

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kmom said...

Fun times and memories.

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