Friday, October 02, 2015

Liv Lately

Dear Liv,
Your Kindergarten year is off to a pretty fabulous start. You transitioned back into it far better than I imagined you would. We rarely have to coax you out of bed in the mornings like last year. You requested a chart on the dry erase board that you like to check off your daily routine items like make your bed, pick out clothes, do homework, etc. You are doing well with your new teacher and have made quite a few new friends in your class. I've been to eat lunch with you and go on your library field trips and I enjoy seeing and meeting the people you come home and tell me about each day. You miss Noah but he has been back to visit and you two just pick up right where you left off!
First day of Kindergarten
You have one main teacher in Kindergarten but you go to 5 different "specials" throughout the week with other teachers: Spanish, music, art, P.E., and Kinder Extension which is about character development and social skills. It's hard for me to get much out of you about what you do in each of your classes so I enjoy when you bring work home in your backpack! Your creative writing skills are probably my favorite thing. You have a new story everyday (usually involving your family) and I love to see your illustrations with it, phonetic spelling, and how much you're improving making letters and spacing out words. You often draw Jesus in the sky in the upper corner of your drawings. 
Your writing and illustrations are my favorite!
You recently had your yearly Dr. check up and are 48" tall (89%) and 42 pounds (30 ish%) You are so far below the curve on the BMI chart that according to graphs you might be malnourished but you aren't in the least and the Dr. wasn't concerned! You are just a tall skinny girl...who could stand to eat a little more! You still get leg cramps occasionally at night time and I know it's because you are growing as is apparent when we tried on all your pants the other day and none of them were long enough! That's ok though because now we have lots of new cutoffs for next summer!
Looking fierce at your yearly check up. Offically 48"!
You have been enrolled in gymnastics for a year now and it is so fun to see how far you've come and how much you've learned. You go once a week for an hour long class. Your favorite thing to practice is cartwheels and handstands. Your least favorite thing is the splits. You didn't have any friends that we knew of in your class at the beginning of the fall quarter, but on the first day you found out a friend from school was also there. I keep thinking you might want to try out dance or some other sport, but I occasionally check in with you and you still like gymnastics so we will keep it up!
Playtime with your sister is so fun to watch
It's been a year since we informed you that you would be a big sister and you are as excited now about your 7 month old sister as you were the day we told you she was growing in my belly. You are sad if she's not there in the car with you to keep you company (and when you aren't there she constantly stares at your booster seat as if you might magically appear) and you are finding all sorts of ways to play with her these days. "School" is one of your favorites. You were thrilled to put her in the felt playhouse with you the other day. She laughs at basically anything you do and you go to great lengths to get that smile on her face! You two share a room but it's rare that lasts through the night because if she starts stirring I don't want her to wake you so I bring her to my bed to nurse her and she stays there the rest of the night. One day we will let her stir for longer to see if she'll go back to sleep but I won't risk it right now!
Teaching Haven your silly ways
Conversations are becoming actual conversations with you! Whereas before I was often met with a silly answer or nonsensical phrase when I asked you certain questions, you now can articulate your response much better and often ask me questions that I'm not always prepared for. One day I came home from the gym to a crying Haven, as daddy handed her to me I said "Oh Haven, mommy will always come back when I go away, don't be sad, just ask big sister, I always come back." You looked at her and said "Yep, Haven. Mommy always comes back.........But one day she will die and won't come back......And if her and daddy both die we will just have to go live with someone like Aunt Amy or our grandparents." A look of shock came over my face as you have asked about this scenario before but never really discussed it much further. Both of us just sat there staring at each other and you said "Whoa. I think I'm about to cry. I just got real sad thinking about that!" I said you're gonna make me cry too, and that's not likely to happen so we don't need to worry about it or worry your baby sister about it right now!
You are becoming more and more independent as you've recently learned to tie shoes. Once you had the hang of it you wanted to tie everyone else's too, but you are over that now! You love to draw and make art projects. We gave you a whole ream of paper for your birthday as you are always running out of paper to create masterpieces on. Rainbows, faces, princess, and writing our family names over and over again is a common theme. The neighbors are still weekly playmates and now that the playroom is done you guys prefer to play in there or on our porch. The imaginative play with the three of you is always entertaining to eavesdrop on!
Your daddy and I were excited to introduce you to the show Full House recently that we grew up watching. We laughed lots through the first episode and then you looked at us and said "One reason...Who had that baby?!" I think you meant question and you were referring to the fact that three mean are raising three daughters one of whom is a young baby. I thought it was a rather astute observation for a 6 year old, but you didn't catch the mom had just recently died. Thankfully you didn't dwell on that when we explained it to you! Since then we watch an episode after dinner when we can. 
We had a pretty big parenting fail moment though recently when we let you watch Star Wars. Some of your friends are watching it (in preparation for the upcoming ones to be released soon) and you lamented that you don't know how to play Star Wars with them because you hadn't seen the movies. I hadn't either, but asked Ryan if he though you were old enough for them. We watched one together and all seemed to go well. You were a fan and already asking the librarian at school for books about it. We read up on Hans Solo and the next weekend watched Episode 5 together. But it got too intense. I could tell when you were wanting me to hold you and hide your face from the screen it wasn't going well. I was proud that you asked us to turn it off because it was scaring you and we gladly did but the damage was done.

The next few nights you were terrified at bedtime. Not of the creepy aliens which I would think as the guilty culprit, but of the scene where Luke fights a simulated Darth Vadar and when his helmet comes off Luke sees his own face staring back. You were also frightened by the image of Hans being frozen in carbonite. It helped some when daddy finally got online to show you "behind the scenes" images from Star Wars. We explained they aren't real, they are actors in costumes playing pretend, that it didn't actually happen long long ago, but you spent the next few nights sleeping on the floor in our room not completely convinced. Lesson learned. Wait a few more years to try Star Wars again! 
Birthday fun with your hat from school and Palace Pet cake
Eating the grape sherbet you requested from Braum's!
We had a great time celebrating your six year old birthday. You invited mainly your friends from church with a few token grown ups too, Grammy and Papa, Jeri, and Alice from across the street. The next weekend was the fair and we got to enjoy Disney on Ice as a family and you got to ride many rides with Noah. Your faces full of thrill and excitement were great to watch! 
Six whole years with you....and if you have it your way I've got plenty more because you often let me know that you will never marry, you will always live with me! I have a feeling you'll change your mind one day but for now you can believe that! On the night before your birthday I told you the story of the day you were born like I always do. You listened with fascination occasionally interrupting me to ask a very important detailed question. When I finished the story you hugged me closer and said "Now, tell me ANOTHER story about the day I was born!" I laughed and said I couldn't because there was only one Olivia Isenberg and only one day of her birth. You are uniquely and beautifully created the way you are and I hope you will continue to live life in your own independent and creative way that often baffles me, but nevertheless brings a smile to my face. I love you so much!


kmom said...

I'm glad Olivia plays well with Haven and others. I want to see her do a cartwheel and a handstand. She has some interesting stories.

GmaakaMom said...

Sweet Olivia, you are such a blessing to us. I pray you never forget to keep Jesus in every picture you can imagine. We love you. Grandma and Grandma

lauren and brad said...

WAAAAAAAAA!!!! Makes me cry! Thank goodness we've had that sweet girl for 6 whole years! She is pure sunshine!

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