Monday, October 12, 2015

New do!

I can still count on one hand the times Olivia has had her hair cut, therefore it still seems to be a big deal when she does! She was tired of the long brushing sessions and the tangles so she finally said she wanted it cut quite a bit.
And there was much rejoicing from her father and me! 
We took off about 6 inches and I think we all love it! Morning brushes are MUCH faster now!
Before and After
 The after shot isn't as great here but you can see it better below making our annual fall treats!


kmom said...

I like the new hairdo. It is still long enough to pull back out of the way, but short enough to not have as many tangles. Good decision, Olivia.

GmaakaMom said...

Grandma loves it. Biut of course I would think she's beautiful if she were bald. For a 6 year old she is pretty patient with those morning brushing sessions. And she always seems to be willing to let Mommy "fix" her hair in various and assundry fashions.

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