Saturday, October 31, 2015

Newsletter: 8 months

Dear Haven,
So much seems to change with small babies in 30 days. At times this can be such a blessing and at others it's just bittersweet. This month it seems to be a bittersweet one as I see you becoming more of a wiggly kid and less of a baby. (And apparently the same thing happened when you sister hit 8 months too because I went back and read her newsletter too!) You no longer need things to cushion your fall when sitting. You scoot around in circles and backwards. You plank for hilarious amounts of time. And if you get angry enough you start rocking on hands and knees...crawling is in the near future!
Trying to get to daddy...or the ipad
You rarely are still when you nurse now. You're constantly distracted by noises and other people; and your swift head turns and pinching are about to do my boobs in this month!
Your sleeping habits have been pretty rough lately too, but when your third tooth popped through (one of the top ones), I felt like a rookie mom. Duh! I should've known. Now you are back to waking just once a night but you sure don't go down as easily. You scream and fight it and refuse the paci now. Usually daddy has to hold you with his big bear arms and bounce you a bit. We've been having to put you down in the pack in play because you scream so much it interferes with Liv's sleep. See what a mean...such a kid now! Bittersweet. But oh we love ya!
Who needs sleep?!
I'm still struggling to come up with a nickname for you. I realize it's not an absolute necessity but it's just what I do with those I love. I call you "Hay" a lot but that makes me thing of the Asian girl who was killed on the Serial podcast. We often say "Hey hey Haven" when we see you and Jeri always says "I have a cravin' for Haven." I'm sure inspiration will strike at an odd time but I do love the name I gave you so it'll be alright if I can't figure one out! I should probably call you by your full name as I confess when Liv asked me this month what your middle name was I went blank...all I could think of were the names we considered before we chose Ruth! Luckily a 6 year old's memory is better than mine and she remembered before I did then I felt horrible for a week about it...that's called mommy guilt and you will have it one day too!
Crazy hair don't care!
That big crinkly smile we love!
You are getting better at riding in the car long distances. You naps are unpredictable still so I never know when to try to accomplish things outside of the house. You are doing great at Mother's Day Out each week and they have'nt had to call me at all to get you early to feed you. You have added sweet potatoes, apples, applesauce, and baby oatmeal to the list of foods you've had. You love to teethe on apple slices but occasionally gag on them so I have to stay near when you have one. Spoon feeding is still mostly just a mess, but you scarfed down baby sweet potatoes like it was your job so I might buy some more baby pureed foods.
Can you tell what time of year it is by these pics?
I submit that you CAN have too much pumpkin as is evident in this next photo.
You are wearing 12 month clothes which works out nice since you and Liv were opposite seasons and I can still use her hand-me-downs. Now that you aren't drooling like crazy putting on outfits is much more it's getting colder so it probably is a necessity. It's funny how many people comment differently on who you look like. I hear lots say you look just like me, some say you look just like Olivia, and some people say you don't look like anyone!
Happy playing with toys and taggies!
You enjoy taking baths in the kitchen sink and trying to splash in the water coming out of the faucet. You love when Charlie comes in the room and if she is near you pet her very gently. She likes to lick your feet. You still have the best smile and are happiest right after you wake up. You watch every move your sister makes and while you usually laugh at her shenanigans you have become much more vocal in letting her know when you don't like something! She can be so rough with you but as soon as she realized she's upset you, she starts crying so hard. Sisters have such a bond.
I have been able to go to craft night, book club, and the gym much more easily now as you don't require to be by my side 24/7 although you do still prefer me. You have started reaching your arms to me and giving open mouth kisses that your sister thinks is hilarious. The next 30 days will probably be more bittersweet ones as I know crawling and pulling up are in our near future, and I'm still trying to cling to these baby days. So if you feel like cuddling instead of crawling, nursing instead of mashing up avacadoes, and snuggling instead of lap is here and waiting for you my sweet girl! I love you!
My little cupcake...maybe THAT can be your nickname?! Nah.


GmaakaMom said...

I love you, your beautiful smile , and your beautiful name Haven Ruth Isenberg.

kmom said...

Looking forward to seeing Haven in person and giving her a kiss and a hug. She is a sweetie.

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