Thursday, October 29, 2015

Patricia Can't Ruin Our Fun!!

Life with a baby means I plan big picture things (like going to Houston) and don't even attempt to plan details (like what we'll do when we get there). This creates less stress in my life. My main goal was to see Matt and Shanny, and really you can fill in the blanks with whatever you want and we would have had fun. So when the largest hurricane ever recorded in history was headed our what, who cares?! We may have considered going to some awesome fun outdoor events around town, playing at parks, or finding some more geocaches BUT the rain from Patricia ruined some of those ideas so we happily crafted and played games at their house the whole weekend. And I loved every. second. of. it.

I just needed my crafting buddy to complete this college t-shirt quilt I've been meaning to make for awhile.

Matching in teal at Chuy's.
Shanny is the hostest with the mostest and doesn't have a selfish bone in her body. (Although I think she should try to grow just a little one, maybe in the end of her pinky finger). She crafts, she sews, she cooks, she gardens, she builds habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies...she should basically have her own TV show. I'll start on the theme song now!
We did not bring Charlie for dear old Lucy to play with. She's still quite playful although she looks like an old woman in this lazy spot!

Remember the awesome secret play space in the back of the coat closet....

The kiddos had lots of fun there

Me reading some classic Texas children's lit...
Before the rains fell we got to see first hand all the glorious animals she attracts to her yard. She recently hatched over 100 monarchs and there were still lots around to see. Several friendly bees greeted us and normally I would be running from bees...but at Shanny's they really aren't something to fear. They probably fly in with mice and help her clean the house like Cinderella. Guys, she HAND FEEDS birds. I'm not making that part up. Wild birds land on her hand and eat out of it. Who does that?! 
So she really IS basically Cinderella.
I want to be her.

Just look at this luscious back yard habitat.

Even the fire ants love it. That's why she's standing in a pool of water. I'm surprised she hasn't tamed them yet too!
I lovingly call her Granny Shanny maybe because it rhymes, or because she does all the things mentioned above that take most people years and years to a well loved Granny. Here are some pics of these exquisite Granny Shanny skills.....

1. Arranging vintage toys in a secret under stairs play space and then actually playing in there with your kids

2. Using thrift store found lovely dishes to decorate your flower beds

3. Having a craft room stock full of every color of yarn imaginable

4. Being patient with a demanding six year old and making her fairy wands and button rings

5. Teaching others the fine art of bird watching 

6. Knitting squares to make the second story catwalk safe and colorful! 

7. Rocking babies in a real rocking chair

8. Jamming in a music room with grand pianos, trombones, flutes, guitars.
Their house is seriously so much fun. Good ole Granny Shanny!

While Matt worked one day, we took the kids to a children's museum and let Ryan do some manly shopping at Fry's.

This was like a pit full of tiny rubber pellets. 
We learned some really fun new games in Houston like Qwixx and Iota. Liv learned how to play became obsessed with mancala. She got pretty good at it too! I think it will be going on the Santa list this year!
And to quote my daughter "Matt is a lot more fun this time. I don't think I even smiled at him last year!" He showed her some cool games and they spent a lot of time adding to his ginormous rubber band ball.
That ball weighs about 80 pounds and is like 20 yrs in the making!
And if you needed a daily dose of birth control. Watch this video on repeat for about an hour...
Maybe she just didn't like the music. Either way pit stops were absolutely necessary. She really wasn't too terrible this car trip, I can tell she's building up her stamina. Liv of course was a champ as per usual. Haven will get there one day. I have faith!
Anyway you can see we had a great end to our fall break. Then we hurried home Sunday to make it in time for Trunk or Treat at Mayfair!


kmom said...

Glad you had fun with Matt and Shannon. They have a lovely, relaxing home inside and out. They are excellent hosts. Glad I didn't realize you were near the hurricane.

Jana + Ryan said...

Our vacation was almost ruined by a hurricane too! Joaquin was headed straight for us in NC a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad you still had a great trip! Olivia always looks like the happiest girl!

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