Thursday, October 01, 2015

Phone Dump -- Sept '15

Ice cream date with my goofball, we introduced Liv to Full house this month, Haven and Fred, clean and pretty diapers!
 Fun in the playroom with neighbors. I'm glad that play house is still fun 5 years later!
Audrey's birthday party with fun arts and crafts, biking and strolling after dinner, she's giving daddy the look that says she's ready for a hair cut!
Haven got her first birthday invite from her friend Lillian at church. Despite all of her hair pulling attempts, I think they will be good buddies. Look at the jealous look Haven is giving her when she sees she Lillian gets a cupcake and all she gets is a banana.
Liv's handwriting, spelling, and story telling skills are my favorite things right now. Just check these out. Also that figure in the Jesus. Also my fav thing about her drawings.
 Wait...maybe seeing her read to her little sister is my favorite thing. There's lots of favorites right now.
Haven napping is always presh, state fair fun...don't worry many more pics to come, neighborhood night out, in the fire truck with her new boots!
More playroom fun. These sisters are too cute!
Remember when I said she smiles with her whole body. This is proof. She might just poop out a rainbow she's so stinking happy.
Jeri and I surprised Liv at lunch last week and went to recess with her. Jeri made a rookie move and brought smarties for a few of her friends. Pretty soon the playground flocked to her like pigeons and she was met with daggers when she told them she ran out.


GmaakaMom said...

I love these phone dumps. I really love that poopin' rainbows pic and the sweet sisters reading together.

kmom said...

Lots of fun times and pictures. I especially like the last one.

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