Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkinville 2015

Fall Break has come and gone and what an adventuresome 10 days we had. Two trips to Texas, 1200 miles logged, only two days in OKC, and many memories made. On one of the two days spent here Jeri came with us to see Pumpkinville at the Myriad Gardens. Maybe one day I will rally for a "real pumpkin patch" experience again, but this one is so beautiful and close to home that it's my fav!
If only the children were more cooperative I would've taken like 100 photos of them with gourds and flowers! It's just so lovely. 
I love this bushy googly eyed spider with the city view in the background.
Out of all the activities her favorite was the Pumpkin post office. She spent LOTS of time writing letters here. My fav was to her father. It said "Dear Dad, You are my dad. Love, Olivia" So profound!
Kissing friends on the kissing prairie dogs!
She posed for this one all on her own! If only it weren't so sunny that day!
Haven was happy to see her sister running around. Next year I can't believe she'll be toddling all over Pumpkinville too!
The place has come a long way since it began 3 years ago!!

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kmom said...

Looks like everyone had fun. It is such a huge plus when a great place is not far to go and everyone enjoys it. Love, Grammy

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