Monday, October 05, 2015

State Fair Time 2015!

The State Fair was here a few weeks ago. We went there on a Saturday and the Vasquez's were able to come up too!
 Frozen on Ice was first on the agenda! I think this is our third "on ice" show and they are all very similar and comparable. The kids enjoy it and if you get your tickets ahead of time your fair admission is included! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for our tickets! (Pro Tip: always take toys or costumes because your kids WILL want to buy souvenirs and they are outrageously priced!)
Then it was time to ride rides! There were lines but once they found their niche...the fun houses...they were happy to go through those over and over and over again and then find the things with shortest lines. We parents just sat and watched them! 
This will be my favorite picture of Noah for all time I think!
Hey when can I ride rides guys???
Sometimes the lines weren't fun hehe!

We did find some food of course to try and we shared so we could try more things. Corn dogs, lemonade, pizza, cinnamon roll, and Indian Taco. 
I wore Haven lots because a stroller at the fair on a Saturday would just be a big traffic jam! But there were also many people who took turns loving on her too. 
When Ryan carries her and she looks back at me while we walk this is the face she has. The entire time. I'm not even kidding. My heart explodes.
She was happily reunited with her Seany boy!
We managed to run to Agtropolis right as it was closing but the kids still had time to look around! And we caught the farmyard follies show.
My favorite things are always the 4-H booths and arts and crafts but we simply did not have time to do those this year! But that's ok because honestly we go to the fair for the joy it brings our's basically a nightmare of epic proportions for me and Ryan. I vowed next year I would absolutely take my child out of school for it because the crowds on a Saturday were a little too much! I'm sure we will see ya next year though State Fair because some things are just becoming a tradition!


GmaakaMom said...

You're very welcome for the tickets. Man, I miss you guys. Thanks again for sharing such wonderful pictures. Kiss my sweet girls gor me.

kmom said...

Great picture of Ryan carrying Haven. I'm assuming Noah and Olivia did not ride one ride together because Noah wanted a red seat and Olivia wanted a purple one? I remember that problem last year.

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