Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Surrounded with Love

I don't want to share much about the sadness that surrounded our trip to Midland at the beginning of fall break, but what I would rather focus on is how much I saw the church in action. People being the hands and feet of Jesus in the worst of times is a balm to a broken spirit. I know I was encouraged by the homes that were offered for us to stay in, the friends who brought meals, watched pets, did yard work, offered to babysit kids they barely knew, and the many prayers offered up as we came to comfort and grieve with our dear friends.

Christians in the media are often portrayed as hypocrites, right winged conservatives, or people with some agenda against a group of people, but the media doesn't portray the beauty and the love among us during time of trials (that just wouldn't make for good TV). Christianity is seeking the lost, binding up the broken, comforting the weak, and encouraging the downtrodden. Christians show love, grace, and mercy in abundance and I saw it first hand over fall break. My kids were witnesses to it too although they may not understand it yet. I felt Jesus near those few days there, and I know among their pain, our friends felt it too. I hope they will continue to. Please continue to keep Jenna, Sean, and Noah in your prayers. 

Here are some pictures of the fun times I think will live in the minds of Noah and Liv!
An in-ground trampoline I thought only existed on Pinterest!
And Haven might remember this cowhide rug and kitten.
See her tiny head between the couches?
 She could've watched her all day. It was pretty entertaining!
The scenery on the drive to west Texas is unlike anything I've ever seen. It's a barren wasteland that looks like what I imagine the surface of the moon is like. My children wouldn't know because they looked like this through most of the journey to and from.
Look at Haven just contemplating if she should pull her sleeping sister's hair or not...


kmom said...

God sent blessings during a sad, sad time.

Shawn and Becky said...

I don't think most people know the love of real Christians until they have a chance to experience it. Saying a prayer to be with you and that family!

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