Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sweet Sister Moments

Sometimes I have Haven's outfit all planned out but then her big sister says "But I wanna match..." and then she pulls something out very similar to whatever she's wearing and how can I say no?! 
 It's just too precious!
 And yes she still laughs at everything big sister does.
 The list of foods Haven eats has now expanded to applesauce. And Liv volunteers gladly to feed it to her. She still spits most of it back out, but we're getting there!
This photo is a great advertisement for having 5 yrs between your kiddos! She really is a great helper!


kmom said...

I like Olivia's hair with the big bow. It looks like Haven laughs to get Olivia to make more sounds. I laughed at the face Haven made when Olivia had Green Bear give her a hug. Typical sister moment.

GmaakaMom said...

Love it love it love it

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