Friday, October 30, 2015

Trunk Or Treat

The annual Trunk or Treat event was held at Mayfair a little earlier than usual this year just because it's on the Sunday before Halloween. Liv wanted to be a "chef-er" with her apron and hat and matching "whipper" she got for her birthday, so we followed suit and also wore aprons and borrowed Reese's cupcake costume for Haven.
We got home from Houston about an hour before we needed to be at the church. Ryan finagled some things in the garage to turn our trunk into an oven and I borrowed this cart and kitchen items from the church and set it in front! And I added a little flour on our faces to make us look more authentic!
The other vehicles were pretty awesome as always too! NASA and some aliens were our neighbors for the night.
The Bad News Bears had an interactive trunk AND Big League chewing gum!
Here's a friendly foreman in front of Cinderella's carriage
The college kids were campers, or lumberjacks, or hipsters...who can really tell the difference these days?
And Darian and Peyton were great elderly performance artists.
An undersea adventure complete with mermaid and newborn fish!
This Ninja turtle dummy stood in for Milo who had strep.
The barnyard was super cute!
There were lots of other but I didn't get shots of them all as I was busy baking Halloween candy in my car kitchen with this silly crew!
Liv and Haven got to visit the cars with their favorite buddies, Gayle and Jeri.
Liv ventured into the haunted inflated house with Princess Lea and a transformer, she made it out alive a few times but a ghost must've tripped her at some point and she got a pretty nasty fat lip with entirely too much blood for my liking. Luckily her daddy was there to assure me no teeth were lost and some ice would help.
But then the next day she ran into a wall and cut her lip open again and fell on her bed and got a black eye so basically she can go as a beat up "chef-er" for the real Halloween tomorrow! Maybe I can get her to say a corny line like..."I whipped the cream and then the cream whipped me" Okay I'll stop.


Jana + Ryan said...

that college kids caption really made me laugh!

GmaakaMom said...

She could be a boxer for Halloween with her fat lip and black eye and look authentic . Trunk or treats are such a great idea. A lot of work but a great idea. I love all my chefs and that cute little cupcake.

kmom said...

Enjoyed seeing all the costumes and settings. You all made great chefs. Unique idea!

Shawn and Becky said...

I love how everyone really gets into the trunk or treat!And bummer on the fall and fat lip . . . and black eye :/

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