Friday, November 20, 2015

A List for Your Reading Pleasure

  • Colorful Ella, the beta fish, died after fall break. Liv shed a tear and we flushed her. I would have gotten her another one, but I convinced her with travel plans and fluctuating cold temps in our house, another one would probably just die soon too, so we will wait a bit for the next fish
  • We are on Season 2 of Full House. Liv loves loves that show. Ryan set up the fire pit and projector outside to watch it the other night and she kept saying "this is the best night of my whole life!" It was pretty fun.

You can't really see them without the flash

  • We eat homemade pizza by Ryan every Friday now. He makes the crust himself and although he uses the same recipe it tastes different every week. It's the reason I will never be a baker or chef. That would drive me bonkers. It's always delicious though!
  • Haven is crawling all over the place. She isn't much for naps or a regular night time feeding session lately. I'm trying to take it in stride, but I'm tired and a tired Katie is not always a happy Katie.
  • I took Liv to see the Peanuts movie over the weekend. It was ok. She liked it. 
  • Ryan's been finishing building closet doors for the storage area across from our downstairs bath. Next up I think is the laundry area. I should probably take some pics of our house but I can't remember what I have or haven't posted!
  • All of our CD's were stolen out of our car last week and our blue tooth/phone charger. I now owe the library money for a Xmas Elmo CD and some ridiculous history CD Liv had checked out. We left it unlocked I guess and they helped themselves. This isn't the first time it's happened. It motivated us into action and Ryan is now part of the neighborhood watch alliance and gets to ride around with a stranger for like 2 hours a month with a light flashing on his car. I'm sure no one will ever steal from us again.
  • Liv's working on her Xmas list. Can you make out what it says? I only had to ask about 2 of them.
  • I've been trying to teach Liv how to wash her own hair. Right now she only needs to wash it once a week but she had so much fun during out "lesson" she wants to wash it every night now. I have no memory of learning to wash my own hair. Mom, Mona, anyone else who reads this,when did your daughters learn to do this? 


GmaakaMom said...

I got their hair cut short in very early grade school and I think that's when they could wash their own hair. Could you please send me a translation of that Christmas list. Her Oregon Santa would appreciate that.

kmom said...

I enjoyed reading snapshots of your recent life. Sorry about the passing of Colorful Ella and the stealth of the library CDs. Since I've already bought Liv's Christmas presents, I can take awhile or not to decipher the Santa list. I do not remember when you started washing your own hair, but I think you were at least 7 or 8 years old. Most likely it was when you started taking showers.

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