Monday, November 02, 2015

Happy Halloween!

On Halloween Liv spent most of the day playing with the neighbors, but I did manage to get her to come inside to carve a pumpkin...and by that I mean she told Ryan she wanted a house for her Lalaloopsies to play in and he made it happen! She has spent a LOT of time playing with these dolls in this gourd....
Despite wanting to be a "chef-er" for a month, in true Olivia fashion, she changed her mind at the last minute and wanted to be Princess Merida. But she did want pics with her sister while they coordinated so I was happy to take some pictures of my little chef and cupcake!
Too sweet!
 It was a bit nippy out and our neighborhood gets rather crazy with trick or treaters, so I decided to stay on the porch with Haven while Ryan took Liv out. We waited until we had a few to come up to our porch and then they were off! 
Ryan took pics for me of some of their stops. 
One house had a bounce house and another had dancing skeleton shadows in their windows. He said it was pretty cool. 
Her bucket was overflowing after about 45 min so they headed home! Meanwhile, I had donned the chef outfit and enjoyed the costume viewing with Haven on the porch! Benay and Calvin stopped by to visit and see the craziness of our hood. Which was good because it was non stop for an hour and a half and Haven needed a diaper change!
 We ran out of candy around 8 so we turned the lights off and went inside. Liv's friend Sebastian who lives behind us came over to say hi and they played a bit, but she really wanted to get back to her lalaloopsies and gourd palace. 

While she played and Haven slept, I enjoyed seeing our friends' Halloween pics on social media.  I'd never really considered what a family fun and community driven holiday Halloween can be. I love seeing parents and kids teaming up with silly costumes and decorated houses or trunks, a night going door to door seeing neighbors, hearing thank you a trillion times from little princesses and clowns and superheroes, grown-ups having fun with kids in an imaginary world, a neighborhood rallying to make a fun night for all who want to come...some people may think it's a demonic holiday but I love it! Hope you had a happy Halloween!


GmaakaMom said...

It's true that Halloween is what you make it. Glad it was a fun fun night for our Isenberg kiddos. It was cold and rainy (understatement) here in Newberg. Tell Ry that I love his jack-o-lantern. Wish I would have used his talents more while I still had him at home.

kmom said...

Looks like Olivia and Haven had lots of Halloween fun. Haven even smiled for the sister picture. I didn't know Olivia had some Lalaloopsie dolls. I've seen them in the stores.

Shawn and Becky said...

I love that he made her a house to play with out of a pumpkin! Those neighborhoods are so much fun!!

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