Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ice Skating with Kindergartners

There's a lot of things I will do for my kids. But I draw the line at sports that require foot gear.
However I will still attend and help put the gear on, cheer from the sidelines, and cringe with each slip and fall as I pray for no broken bones! 100 Kindergartners descended upon the Devon Ice Rink on Thursday and I applaud and thank all the teachers and parents who willingly let snotty slippery kids grab onto them while trying not to be dragged down!
Liv had so much fun and took off like she'd been doing it for years. She fell every 10 seconds but got back up and kept going! 
I was glad she wore her bright pink coat so I could spot her easily in the crowd!
Haven and I had fun watching all of them!

I let her see her sister through the glass.

Have I mentioned how awesome I think her school is and how cool it is she gets these opportunities downtown? There may not be any big bus field trip like other schools but things in walking distance can be pretty awesome too!

She's already begging to go back so I'm sure we will before the ice skating season is over!

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kmom said...

What a special treat for the kids. I bet you were so thankful you had to take care of a 9 month old. I'm so glad Olivia enjoyed it and didn't get hurt. It helped bunches for her to be wearing gloves. So glad for you it was not freezing cold outside. Love,Grammy

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