Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kon Mari Method

I think one thing is clear from all who have been sucked into the #KonMariMethod of 2015....Ms. Marie Kondo clearly has no children. But let's back it up a bit. I started this a few months ago but I haven't documented the process well through photos. We've only made it through the first two steps of her program: Clothes and books.
All of my clothes in a pile ready to be purged. I stood on my bed to take this photo and hit my head on the ceiling fan while it was in motion. I about passed out but was laughing so hard at myself I didn't. Haven was amused.
Ms. Kondo's whole concept of tidying revolves around what sparks joy. You go through every item at once and ask yourself "does this bring joy" and if not you part ways with it. She has many methods to show gratitude towards items that you hold on to for sentimental reasons. They might sound hokey..."thank you shirt for being there for me on the day I got engaged".....BUT to someone like me who was holding on to that shirt and never wearing it, it actually was helpful!
Included in this pile of items I was holding on to but didn't bring me joy anymore: elementary school math-a-thon shirts, my first PJ pants I sewed in high school fashion class, field day shirt from like 5th grade, high school basketball sweatshirt, the shirt Ryan wore the day Liv was born, the shirt I got engaged in, my blankie from childhood that has been in shreds for years because it was loved so much. Thank you Woobie!
But then there are passages like this that just made me laugh out loud.
I like the concept of focusing on keeping what brings joy to your heart and not what do I not wear or what do we give away. However, it's kind of tough for me to apply that rule to some things...like post baby clothes that I need to hang around a bit longer until I get back down to pre baby size. Nursing bras and socks really don't bring me joy, but they are necessary. I was still able to get rid of about 3 HUGE garbage bags full of clothes though. And I already purged each season! Now I have all of our clothes out at once. None are in storage.
No more clothes in storage boxes!
 I do apply the folding method to our clothes, even the kids clothes! You can not only SEE all of your clothes without digging through a pile, but you can also fit MUCH more in a drawer using this method. And yes I even fold my socks and underwear now, but look how pretty they are!
At one point I was pretty sure Marie Kondo was reading my mind somehow. I was having a moody day and had JUST texted a friend saying I was angry at everyone in my house. Then I opened up my book to read and THIS was on the page I was reading?! What?! How'd you do that konmari?
 I taught Liv how to fold her clothes and she loves to help me do laundry. I don't follow the color coded list she has. The hardest thing for me to do when it came to the laundry was put it all away but now that I've paired all of our clothes down and everything has a spot, I haven't found it to be an issue at all! After I went through our clothes (well I didn't touch Ryan's really but he already didn't have many) we moved on to the next step to sort through all of the kids books and our books
NOBODY tell big sister what we're about to do!
I did NOT let Liv help with this as she would have only complicated things. Then I went through the kids toys. We had 3 full yard bags to give away and a whole tub of books we sold (for not much) to Half Priced Books. At some point I will get around to the other steps. I hope she comes back and writes another book when she does have children. I have a hard time believing even she could keep up the constant tidying that must be done as you follow a toddler around!
Ready for the donation bin! Yes it's been about 2 months and my closet still looks like this! That's it. That's all of my clothes I kept except for what's folded in drawers.
The bar under Ryan's clothes used to be mine too but now it's completely empty! I think in a few months when I'm done nursing I'll be able to purge again. 
I can keep a sense of humor about it the whole process though and when I read this satirical blog post I about peed my pants laughing so hard. You will get a kick out of it too! Have you read the book and fallen prey to Ms. Kondo's tidying method?


kmom said...

I'm having trouble believing you actually threw away your toddler blanket.

GmaakaMom said...

It took me forever to finish that satirical blog because I couldn't read through my tears of laughter. (So, are you getting rid of all of your chairs? )

Erica Vance said...

I've only done my clothes - steeling up for the books. I have ready/re-read Marie Kondo's book - that link was hilarious it had me chuckling out loud.

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