Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lil' Drac's Friends

Liv's class has been learning about bats. She came home with all sorts of fun facts and they developed a relationship with Lil' Drac at the Bat World Sanctuary in TX. They wrote a bat letters. I love Kindergarten. I helped some moms make a "Bat cave" in the classroom one day and then another day the kids had to draw up plans for a bat box habitat then try to build it from cardboard. Hot glue, paint, and tape oh my!
She came home with lots of writing prompts about bats...I'll let you see if you can decipher them. Get your head out of the gutter on one of them!
God bless Kindergarten teachers!


kmom said...

With all that paint, the teacher is so brave. The kids seem to be involved and interested in what they are doing. Surely are learning a great deal.

GmaakaMom said...

Caitlin Bratcher loves bats almost as much as she loves horses. I think they're just creepy. I know they have an important role in the circle of life, but still---yuck.

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