Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Musical Beds: The Game I Didn't Sign Up For!

Want a peek into our intimate nightly routine? Or maybe just a brain break from the refugee rants on your facebook feed? Here's my latest at OKC mom's blog.
Are you looking for a new form of free entertainment you can play with your whole family?! Well look no further! This game promises hours of fun activity for all sorts of family members no matter their age. You can play using items you have in your own home. You didn't even know it was there at your disposal, in fact you may have already been playing! The game is called Musical Beds and here's how you play....

Click here for the rules of the game!


KTsDad said...

You would probably have earned extra points for sleeping perpendicular to your parents - head in one parent's face and feet in other parent's face :-)


Oh boy do I remember those days...I'm exhausted just reading this. I like your dads game addition.

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