Monday, November 09, 2015

#OC is Home

I'm not a great alumnus...alumna....whatever of my alma mater. I occasionally think to attend an event, but for whatever reason we don't make it. I have been to a few homecoming events over the years, but this year was our ten year reunion so I felt the urge to do more. 10 years. TEN YEARS PEOPLE! I've lived in Oklahoma now for 14 years. That's just crazy talk. Once a few friends realized this milestone of ours, I think they too felt the urge to participate more so we got the text messages going and guilt trips going and were ready to see each other. Many more still were missed but sometimes the miles and money don't work out. There's always next year!

This year I went to more homecoming activities than I ever have before...including the years I was actually attending OC! Liv and I had a special date night on Friday to see the homecoming musical Shrek at OC. It was phenomenal. And hilarious. Lord Farquard's performance deserved a Tony...and he probably will need knee replacement surgery. I have no idea how he did that except for the fact that he is 19 and has young knees.The theater dept there always does a great job. 
Liv was thrilled that this was a "special occassion" and she was ready to dress up and pick out some of mommy's special jewelry to wear. She chose a broach of my grandmother's and my heart diamond necklace. She was most excited that I let her wear some of my lipstick. She carried her own snacks in her own purse.
It helped that Liv knew 2 of the performers and was anxious to see them on stage. They posed for photos with her afterward, and she was kind to bring a jewelry present from her own collection for them.
She loves Emily and Andrea!
The next morning the whole family went to the parade where the clubs have floats. This year's theme was fairytales and our favorite was the Princess and the Pea float.
We met some friends there and Liv and Izzy had fun getting candy.
Then we went to the alumni luncheon picnic and caught up with more buddies. That was enough socializing for Ryan for the week so then Sally came over to our house for a bit and then a few of us girls met up for the decade reunion dinner. Bodacious LC performed and we caught up while we ate.
A few of us took the after party to Charleston's and I laughed and smiled and talked and stayed up late and felt a little like I was in college again...except when I came home my bed was WAY more comfortable, a dog greeted me at the door and a baby was ready to nurse. Some things have changed in 10 years, but the same man of my dreams I met at OC was still waiting for me.

(for some flashback pics see these previous college memory posts)


GmaakaMom said...

10 Years!!! You must be getting old.

kmom said...

Glad you had fun catching up with friends.

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