Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Phone Dump -- Oct '15

1. Candy, candy, candy 2. My little cupcake on the porch 3. Pumpkin overload 4. Traditional fall treats
1. Good morning Haven. 2. I'll give you one guess what she's looking at! 3. Love her smile! 4. Helping me drive at gymnastics
1. Liv serious at work on a search and find from Grammy 2. Slater wrote a book and Liv brought it home from the library 3. Debating on whether or not to Kon Mari this book.... 4. Missing teeth girls at church!
1. Sunrise on our porch. 2. The age gap working for us! 3. OCD lessons 4. See number 2.
1. Fun in the playroom 2. catching flies while she eats outside 3. A HUGE haunted house coloring adventure 4. Haven and her toys
While Noah was here at the beginning of October I took them to Swatek park. While they were swinging I looked up in the tree and saw this string hanging there. I texted Jenna and she confirmed it was indeed from the pinata they had hung there a year ago when we found out Haven's gender. I teared up a bit.
 Haven playing with her new best buddy Penny's birth announcement.
The ladies at Mother's Day Out send me the cutest pics of my daughter...but then I want to go pick her up and squeeze so it can be a problem!


GmaakaMom said...

Great phone dump. So what's she looking at?

Ryan and Katie said...

Her food source of course!

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