Wednesday, December 02, 2015

2015 Holiday Tri-fecta in Tennessee: Happy Thanksgiving

We started the morning off right by watching the Macy's Parade in our jammies and looking at old baby pics to decide who Haven resembles.

She's a lot like me as a baby but also a lot like Amy. But then her smile was reminding me of my dad this weekend. A good mix of all of us!

When our photographer, cousin Greg, AKA G-money, arrived (we really do invite him for other reasons other than just taking our photo I promise!) we headed out back in hopes to get some good family shots. I think these will do!

I promise she doesn't always have a fake smile. See here's a real one!

Once we all got dressed and ready we headed over to Aunt Joyce and Uncle Randy's for family and feast time!

 This is our last girl cousin photo before a boy dares enter into our sisterhood!

Haven was napping so we let her be in the photo by phone.

Baby Michael has NO idea what he's getting into!

We played outside on the swing set in the beautiful weather.
Just HOW big was that fish Uncle Randy?

I think Liv is getting a bit TOO big for some of these things.

The neighbors were outside playing and Liv knew the little girl from previous visits so she actually went and played at their house for awhile.
Despite having lived in that house for I would guess over 20 years, I've never noticed the cemetary behind my aunt and uncle's house. I walked there and found some super old headstones...and I had my camera with me so of course I photographed them. And that's when I realized I must be channeling some old Bloomingburg gene...visiting cemetaries and taking pics.

The meal was delicious and I got no pics of it but I did get pics of the fun afterward.

Two little girls passed out with their papas!

Lots of games were played and I think we successfully avoided discussing politics, religion, and refugees by channeling SNL and Adele. One Holiday down...two to go!

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