Thursday, December 03, 2015

2015 Holiday Tri-fecta in Tennessee: Happy Birthday

For an early bday celebration, the family came over for my favorite homemade meal of lasagna and then we had birthday cake of course! 
Everyone was nice and let me lick their plates clean.
Except for this kid. She knows how to chow down on some chocolate!
Liv wanted to do this 300 piece My Little Pony puzzle but she lost steam and the grown ups ended up doing it!
Haven slept through my party but woke up for play time.
We played some games and then later that night Ryan took me out with my best girlfriends and spouses to O'Charley's and then we tried out the Escape Rooms in Jackson. I'd been wanting to try the ones in OKC but could never figure out a good time to go with friends and babysitting etc so it worked well to go while in TN.
Sadly, we did not escape, Mastaba the serial killer returned and had his way with us, but I think if we'd had 5 more minutes we could've done it! It was a lot of fun and I'd love to go again sometime.

On my real birthday we were back home and we decorated the tree and had dinner at Chic-fil-a so I could get my fav peppermint shake. Yum! Ryan got me flowers and a sweet card. I enjoyed all the texts and fb messages I received all day too! 33 feels exactly the same as 32 so far!

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