Monday, December 07, 2015

2015 Holiday Tri-fecta in Tennessee: Merry Christmas

I'm sure we are thoroughly confusing our kids by having Christmas a whole month earlier with my family but I highly doubt they'll ever complain about spreading out the gifts! 
We took some photos in front of the tree and then let the paper fly! 
Haven just wanted to eat the paper of course
Ryan got the best gift of all. I laugh every time I see this shirt. Thanks Amy and Joe!
My niece is just about the cutest thing ever and I wish I'd gotten more video of her hilarious facial expressions and dramatic tales of various bandaids on her body!
Haven was pretty excited about her first Christmas!
Liv and I created a scavenger hunt for Grammy and Papa to find their gifts. It was quite fun!
After this hunt I think they'll be great candidates for an Escape Room adventure!
They found their gifts!!
Then we played the rest of the day! The engineering ants game is definitely a fav and the teamwork and lack of a single winner is enjoyed by all!
Haven's idea of playing is to just see what all the toys taste like
Liv got really into jigsaw puzzles on the ipad with Uncle Joe that day too!
 more TN pics unrelated to holidays coming up next!

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kmom said...

Thank you for the fun memories of that day. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt. I'm wondering how long Mary Belle's bandaid had been gone.

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