Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas in our Jammies

This year Mayfair's Christmas Event was themed Christmas in Our Jammies. The older kids sang about six songs that told the story of Jesus's birth. Luckily the songs were pretty easy to catch on to so with only one practice under his belt Noah was fine to join in with them!
Don't be nervous in front of all of these people!!
Here was the opening and closing number for the grandparents viewing pleasure!

(You might have to open it in youtube since Liv is on the back right it might crop her out on the blog)
Taking a final bow!
The toddlers were hilarious and all over the stage. Between the blurry motion...because they never stopped moving. And Benjamin holding his hands over his ears, they were a crowd favorite for sure!
 The babies got to sit in cute packages and ring bells!
Or eat bells
The first Christmas babies got to go up on stage and share their first Christmas wish. Haven's was for her parents to let her eat anything off the floor she finds including dirt, dog hair, rocks, and paper.
Haven with her gal pals Penny and Jocelyn
The youth group and college kids did a Shadow Drama to "Mary Did You Know" that was beautifully done.
We also collected pajamas to donate to kids in foster care.
And there were plenty of treats to sugar us all up! Then Mr. and Mrs. Claus came. Liv had just seen him the day before at Breakfast with Santa but didn't make any comments about them looking a bit different.
She told this Santa that she would just mail him her list! Haven once again hated it.
Look at this screaming baby comparison pic of my two little girl! Love it!
Their Gingerbread house didn't win but it still got lots of votes!
Jeri was our stand in Grandma for the night cheering her girls on!


kmom said...

Thank you for sharing the fun. Great picture of Jeri with the girls. Super, super great picture of the girls dressed in red with Mr. and Mrs. Santa - one smiling and the other screaming at the top of her lungs.

Heather Askew said...

I think you got better pics of Ava than I did, gonna have to steal a few ;) It may be sleep deprivation but I teared up with shadow drama, so cool! such a fun night!

GmaakaMom said...

Yep, I'll have to go to YouTube. Thank you Jeri for standing in. I'll try not to be jealous. Looks like a fun night was had by all. Well, maybe not Haven.

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