Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cookies for the Firemen

Last Wednesday the kids at church embarked on another service project: making cookies for our local firemen. I'm not a germophobe, but this Christmas service project does me in every time. I think the effort and idea is wonderful, but I can barely participate because all I see are kids licking knives then spreading icing, picking their nose then putting cookies on a plate, tasting their fingers then placing candies on the's too much for me to handle. I spend less time helping the kids decorate and more time grabbing utensils saying nope get a new knife or nope go wash your hands...again. My kid doing it for food we are eating is one thing but a bunch of kids doing it for strangers is another. Either way, the firemen appreciated it! As one mom said "They put their lives in danger every day right? This is the same thing!" Haha so true! So maybe they bravely ate the cookies or maybe they threw them in the trash after we left. Who knows. But in return they showed our church kiddos kindness by letting them climb all over the truck!
 Liv tried her hardest to lift this bar and work out with the firemen. So close!

Thank you fellas at Station 17!


GmaakaMom said...

She can make cookies for me anytime (and like the spoon, knife, whatever). What a great service project for the kids. We do appreciate our civil servants.

kmom said...

Most likely the firemen had no idea of the germs that landed on their iced cookies.

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