Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun...In December?!

Liv stepped outside on the porch today and said "Can I change into shorts before we go to the park mom?" It was about 60 degrees today and very sunny. Christmas is this Friday! It's December! And we don't even need coats! We went on along (without changing clothes) to the church to deliver treats to the staff and spend some time playing on the new playground equipment.
I spent most of my time removing wood chips from Haven's mouth. One day she'll try not to eat every thing, I hope! When she wasn't eating the playground turf she did find time to play with this twinkie ladybug! 
And she looked so big actually playing and pulling up beside her sister on the equipment!
One day she'll be spinning around on that thing too!
 It may not feel like December but it sure is nice to still be able to play outside right now!

1 comment:

kmom said...

It doesn't seem possible that Haven is old enough to play at a playground. She seems to be standing more and more.

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