Friday, December 11, 2015

Lighting the Commons

OC has been having this holiday event for alumni, staff, and students for quite some time now but this was the first year we've been able to attend. The forum is all lit up and there are free train rides and carriage rides.
Liv kept saying she was soo excited for her first carriage ride. Apparently she has no memory of this one which I keep meaning to show her!
It was hard to take pics in the dark of the carriage ride but I saw this on the OC facebook page and noticed it was our family!
Ryan did get this video of us enjoying the ride.
Pics with Santa were available (although we did not partake) and Hot Chocolate was inside.
In the Commons area there are all sorts of holiday shopping booths but we just browsed. I thought the lighting of the commons just meant holiday lights but there were also fireworks which surprised me! Haven didn't mind the loud noises though! It was a cold night but we didn't mind the line too much as we saw many friends and Liv just about attacked Andrea!

Thanks OC for a fun night!


GmaakaMom said...

Another advertisement for the OKC chamber of commerce. What a fun place to live. And obviously your Christmas season has begun. Ho Ho Ho

kmom said...

What a pretty, happy time. The fireworks would have made it extra special.

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